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Ivo Cleynhens








I was born in Belgium on 17 November 1957. My interest in radio started around 1975 but i am only a official ham since 1990. My fist call was ON1AVF.


I am married to Lisette and have two kids, Kenney 13 and Debbie 10.My hobbies are ham radio,motorcycling,sports,nature etc.. I also work as a maintenance engineer in a refrigeration company.


As a ham i like the old fashioned QSO but sometimes I olso take part in contesting. I am an operator for the multi-multi-contest station OTxA. I also like DX and always try to get a new one

So far I have used callsigns ON1AVF ,ON5CD,OO5CD,OS5CD,OQ5CD and ON4DAMIAN/ON5CD .


73 for now, de Ivo.